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Aston, S. C.. Peirol. Troubadour of Auvergne. Cambridge: University Press, 1953

366,019- Peirol

13. Car here is emphatic, reinforcing conois; ‘because she knows...’ or ‘knowing as she does...’.
conois. A and its associated MSS. all have ve and hence lack one syllable.
39. Cf. Petrarch, ‘Ben non è al mondo che al mio mal pareggi’.
48. que is to be understood before mos.
50. As may be seen from the variants, most MSS. have que mon chan, which is grammatically incorrect and must therefore be amended either to qu’en mon chan, in which case agra failla would be used impersonally, or to que mos chans, the subject of agra failla then being chans. In either case the sense is fundamentally the same.








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