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Aston, S. C.. Peirol. Troubadour of Auvergne. Cambridge: University Press, 1953

366,020- Peirol

5. This may be a lament that the distinction between vers, canso, etc. is no longer generally observed.
40. Cnyrim, Sprichwörter, 697.
41-8. As Vossler points out (Peire Cardenal, p. 176), this verse has little connection with the main theme of the poem, which is similar to that of other poems written by Peirol after his dismissal by Sail-de-Claustra. The identification of the marqueza is all-important: see Introduction, p. 13. If, as Diez suggests, the marqueza is, in fact, Beatrice of Montferrat, it seems certain that this verse is a later interpolation. Whether, in this case, this stanza replaced the stanza given above as 8, is doubtful, in view of the fact that both these stanzas are found together in C and M. The MSS. which contain stanza 8 are of later date than the majority of the other MSS. and offer, moreover, many variants. It is likely, therefore, especially as the rhyme-scheme is a common one, that stanza 8 has been inserted by a later scribe in error. If stanza 6 is not a later interpolation, then the marqueza is someone other than Beatrice of Montferrat. If this poem is considered in conjunction with XIX and XXI, and if the connection of Dauphin’s family with the court of Vienne is borne in mind, the identification of marqueza with Marqueza of Polignac is supported.








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