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Aston, S. C.. Peirol. Troubadour of Auvergne. Cambridge: University Press, 1953

366,009- Peirol

4. a mon plazer = ‘according to the pleasure that is mine’. Cf. Giraut de Bornelh, 68, ll. 28-30, which Jeanroy reads as Que ja no volh’ onor Mas a plazer d’amor, C’aitals venses onors… and translates ‘. . .selon le plaisir d’amour’ (see Kolsen, Giraut de Bornelh, II, p. 74).
14. This line indicates that Peirol has now abandoned Sail-de-Claustra.
19. Cnyrim, Sprichwörter, 365.
37. Pero, offering as it does a contrast to the preceding lines, is a preferable reading to Per so.
41. la crotz dels ris is presumably a reference to the Fourth Crusade and indicates that the poem was written after 1202 and probably after 1203, since in the former year the Crusaders were engaged only in the minor operations at Zara. This reference would seem to disprove the suggestion (see Introduction, p. 6) that Sail-de-Claustra was dead by 1202, since, unless ll. 13-14 are a most callous reference to her death, the use of the present tense in l. 13 indicates that she was still alive at the time of composition of the poem.
53. Dalfi. See Introduction, p. 12.








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