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Aston, S. C.. Peirol. Troubadour of Auvergne. Cambridge: University Press, 1953

366,018- Peirol

17. lauzengeira. This feminine form is apparently coined on the analogy of premier-primiera.
18. sus. This reading, being more precise and logical, has been preferred to that of the base MS. (vas).
26, 35. The repetition suggests a corrupt line, but there is no alternative reading.
40. en ays. The alternative interpretation of the MSS. e nais is possible but would be only strictly logical if it preceded enansa and melhura. en ays = ‘peacefully, tranquilly’. Cf. OF venir en eise de; also Kolsen, Dichtungen, p. 236, note.
45. A has the more usual form aic of the 1st person but ac is not infrequent in the 1st person (vide, Anglade, Grammaire de l’ancien provençal, p. 318).
51. per . . . que. See note to XVI, l. 1.
48. set ans e mais. This line indicates that Peirol had remained faithful to Sail-de-Claustra for at least seven years after his dismissal. If it is considered in conjunction with ll. 13-16 and 41 of XXIV, it seems probable that Peirol’s dismissal may be dated c. 1194. See Introduction, p. 12.








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