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Wolf, George; Rosenstein, Roy. The Poetry of Cercamon and Jaufre Rudel. New York & London: Garland Publishing, Inc, 1983

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262,001- Jaufre Rudel de Blaja

20. passat ai: Monaci prints e3’s passatz sui.

23. totz selhs: Jeanroy prints tug silh, following e3 and Monaci.

25. lhor: Jeanroy prints lor.

26. qu’, which here may possibly be a relative personal pronoun with lieys e  Dieu e lhor as antecedent, need not be translated.

29. escharzitz: Jeanroy emends to encharzitz, from encharzir, “render dearer,  more valuable”; Stimming emends to escharitz, from escharir, “to accord, destine”; but the MS reading from s’escharzir, “to separate oneself,” printed by Monaci, accords with Jaufre’s theme of separation from the turmen and the fol fais. Also possibly “But for this reason . . .”

31. tan lunhatz: Bertoni (1915) proposes tan banhatz, “bathed,” a possibility which is approved, but not adopted, by Jeanroy.

32. no·n sia: Stimming prints non sia; here the pronoun ·n is necessary to link sals and gueritz to amor.

35. fin’amor: Stimming prints fin’amor, but takes it to be the direct object of home, leaving unexplained why he does not print homs, which would be required in the case system. In any event, fin’amor as subject need not be emended.

43. The third person estai mos cors is here translated idiomatically.

46. For interpretations of fraire and seror, e.g., among others, the twin components of the personality in medieval alchemy, see Topsfield (1975), p. 59 and note 13.

47. nuills: Jeanroy emends to nulhs.

51. lurs: We follow Jeanroy, who emends to lur, which Anglade, Grammaire, p. 252, says “remains invariable in the classic period.”

52. vueill: Jeanroy emends to vuelh. Note subjunctive sia, governed by vueill, without connecting que.

55. rics: Jeanroy emends to ric.

56. fol fais: Cf. Marcabru’s Ans que·l terminis verdei, 21, and Cercamon, 8.47.








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